Technology for Equity

Digital Equity means we achieve inclusive and healthy social, economic, educational and civic outcomes for people of all races, incomes, genders and gender identities, and backgrounds.

Digital Equity treats technology as a tool and not a determination, solution, or an end in itself.
Digital Equity takes a structural, transdisciplinary, and intersectional approach.

Digital Access, Health, and Safety

Technologies should be accessible and affordable.

Digital Equity should protect personal and private data, and protect against wrongful group-based surveillance based on demographics.

Everyone should be able to afford technology access, and should have resources and support to protect their digital privacy. Using technology should not reinforce or exacerbate harms and risks for vulnerable groups.

All people should feel welcome to participate in digital life, express themselves, and explore ideas online without fear of violence, harassment, surveillance, or discrimination.

Collective Agency and Self-Determination

Digital Equity aims to build a collective culture of digital consent and mutual accountability shaped by and for the benefit of the most vulnerable among us.

Everybody should have agency to make decisions about the technologies that shape their lives, regardless of their level of digital skills or knowledge.

Digital participants should have self-determination over their data bodies: everyone has the right to know and to determin what information they generate by using technology - what data is collected, how it is shared and used, and how to opt-out of unsafe or exploitive data extraction and targeting.

Building for the Future

Instead of reacting to challenges, harms, and risks as they arise, we should envision systems and standards that will build digital equity as technologies evolve.

Accountable and transparent digital systems, standards, and common understandings can increase both access and safety before problems arise.

Our technological systems should reflect the best society we can collectively imagine, now and in the future.

Photo by Brooklyn Public Library Discotech.